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Computer Group Lessons

Triway computing classes are specially adapted for every level and every grade. Our teachers patiently educate and guide children to think fresh, code and design innovative software programs in a fun and collaborative environment. At Triway, the kids gain invaluable, hands-on skills to become problem solving technology creators.

Our computer classes comprise of small class sizes of 4 - 15 students. This ensures that each student gets enough attention to learn. In the process of learning programming, a coder will constantly battle errors from the computer, so we teach children to embrace making mistakes instead of trying not to make them. The curriculum makes learning computers creative, and fun building up a wide range of skill and confidence levels.

One of the most important qualities a programmer must have is problem solving, and we stress this for all classes and ages. Our instructors not only teach, but also give homework and projects regularly that encourage students to solve the problems themselves.

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All Computer Courses

Programming with Java

Java, a programming language that’s easy to learn and is widely used in everything from toasters and elevators to smartphones and spaceships! Java is the second most popular programming language in the world. Explore Java with us!

Triway has full levels of Java courses for all student needs.

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Programming with Python, Javascript

Python - Starting your programming from Python, most user-friendly and easy-to-understand computing language. Python is a kid-friendly programming language that is used to build mission critical systems at Google, Dropbox, Pinterest, Instagram, and many more.

Javascript is a powerful and internet #1 programming language. This course will teach students from small simple code example to real-world projects and user cases, lead them from a beginner to an advanced developer.

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Game Programming

Scratch is a graphical programming language developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab. Scratch takes advantage of advances in computing power and interface design to make computer programming more engaging and accessible for children, teens, and others who are learning to program.

GameMaker is tradition gaming software in Gamming industry, lots of famous indie game developers learnt this software as their first programming language. It makes coding games simple and easy to learn, featuring a unique drag-and-drop system and its own language called GML for more extensive and complex programming! It is very suitable for children who don’t have much programming experience but love games and a strong desire to make their own game.

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Web Design & Graphic Design

Triway Web Design provides whole set of comprehensive web design and web development classes, leading students from completely no experience towards a professional web expert.

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