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2017 Winter Course Schedule

This course has totally 26 hours in 13 sessions.

Want to make a game but not sure where to start? Triway wants to make learning how to develop games as easy as possible. Using drag and drop, making a real 2D games with us!

No code or programming required.

Student will learn how to make computer games, for example sprite designing, object, setting object’s events and actions, sound, background, game control etc.

In the end of this course student will create his own game from beginning to end independently, follow process like: game designing, planning, graphic and animation design, developing, marketing – making game introduction video. Teacher will help to publish student’s game into website to share with their friends.

Game Maker Introduction

GameMaker is software that makes coding games simple and easy to learn, featuring a unique drag-and-drop system and its own language called GML for more extensive and complex programming!

It is a perfect tool to make social and casual games. It is also very suitable for children who don’t have experience but love games and have a strong desire to learn how to create.

GameMaker supports multiple platforms. Games made by GameMaker can be buildt for these platforms: Windows, Windows 8, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, HTML5, Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, Tizen, Xbox One, and Playstation.

Course Curriculum

GM L1 – Monkey Game Details 02:00:00
GM L1 – Pingpong Game Details 02:00:00
GM L1 – Shooting Ballon Game Details 02:00:00
GM L1 – Test and Review Details 02:00:00
GM L1 – Treasure Hunter Details 04:00:00
GM L1 – Spaceship Game Details 04:00:00
GM L1 – Platform Game Details 4 days
GM L1 – Final Project Details 04:00:00

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