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Robotics Classes with STEM

We believe Robotics is a highly effective way to foster essential skills like collaboration, problem solving and team work. In our classes, Triway Education ensures that Robotics learning includes high-value STEM content and we see that there are connections to Robotics across the full spectrum of the curriculum.

By making Robotics, a central part of the regular classroom experience, we can inspire and impact all students.

Why Triway Eduation Recommends Robotics with STEM content for children?

1. A fun way to learn a complex topic
2. Proven way to introduce programming
3. Builds aptitude and interest in children at all evels and with all abilities
4. Breaks down hi-tech barriers
5. Contests and competitive classes tied in to real-world applications

Frequently Asked Questions

What is STEM?
What skills will children get?
Not sure if they're right for your kid?
Does Triway take students to contest?

Robotics Courses

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