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Typing – an essential skill for anyone who want to learn programming No ratings yet.

Why learn typing?

Typing is an essential skill for anyone who want to learn programming. It affects how comfortable and the speed student writes code and eventually affects his productive.

Here is what we observed from our students:

1. The more time a student spends fussing with the keyboard and correcting errors, the less time he will spend keeping up with code and ideas;

2. The more he worries about the keyboard, the less room he will have for ideas while coding.

3. Making critical typos not only slows down speed wise, but it also breaks flow.

4. It makes student easily frustrating to make a lot of typos, especially in languages like JavaScript. Why deal with extra frustration when it’s something you can fix with some effort?

Typing is a skill that is relatively easy to learn. For our young students, we suggest to start a correct typing habit as early as they can. Certain typing speed and accuracy will give students much confidence.

An effective way to practice typing

Though internet has tons of typing practice, games, testing etc. Triway uses these worksheets. All letters, words and sentences in these worksheets are carefully chosen – They are short, simple and effective.

Go to our Free online worksheet – Typing Practice For Beginner for more details and start to practice.


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January 28, 2017
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