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Ten Reasons Why Learning Coding is a Great Way to Start Kids Right


Is it important for all children to learn how to write programs or coding? After all, very few children grow up to become programmer. So why should everyone learn to write programs?


Well, people write everyday in many ways: to send birthday messages to friends, to jot down shopping lists, to record personal feelings in diaries and more. The act of writing also engages people in new ways of thinking. As people write, they learn to organize, refine, and reflect on their ideas. Writing programs is just one way of writing – Write to computers to instruct them to do tasks for us.


Clearly, there are powerful reasons for everyone to learn to write programs too. Here are the top ten reasons why children should learn coding early on.


1. STRENGTHEN logical thinking.


The most important thing in the writing programs is breaking down the big problem into small
problems. In coding this is about learning how to arrange the code reasonably in the whole
process. This helps to process the input and calculate right, until the output. By doing so,
the child’s ability to analyze logically will greatly improve.


2. ENHANCE focus and attentiveness.


Debugging is a must have ability for every programmer, regardless of adults or children.
Sometimes just forgetting to put a second equal sign, or forgetting to put a small semicolon
in the end of the code could cause chaos. Therefore, in the process of learning to write
program, the programmer will never be able to get around of little mistakes, not like some kids might drift along the whole day in school. Effectively correction in programming helps improve the child sloppy behaviour problems and ensures they do not become careless and irresponsible for future.


3. IMPROVE patience


We all have been exposed to scenes where in a restaurant a child cannot sit still and jumps up down or runs around. Then the parent offers a mobile phone to let him to play a game, the
child’s attention is instantly grabbed and he sits in a corner and starts playing. Our curriculum take advantage that children like games, and beyond that where our children not only learn in the game but also learn how to design the game.


4. INCREASE abstract thinking


Learning to write programs is just like learning a foreign language. If learning a foreign
language helps to communicate with foreigners, then learn programming helps to communicate
with the computer. Interestingly, you can use face/body expressions to communicate with the
foreigner, but not with the computer. Children in the process of learning programming, need to abstract information, think like a computer, and express their ideas.


5. HELP sort out information and absorb useful information


Programming, in essence, is to arrange and combine a pile of computer instructions. In primary school, we learn words and grammar from book and dictionary, learn how to put words in correct grammar to form sentences, then organize idea into small subjects to write article.


The basic instructions in the coding program is the same like writting. Children, to complete the program, they must apply their knowledge and sort and organize them to ensure that the implementation of the program will not lead to conflict situations sometimes or even a crash.


6. BUILD their competitive edge in a digital age.


Learning coding instantly helps children to enhance their personal competitiveness
in the highly evolving and highly competitive digital world.


7. LEARN how to work in a team, learn how to learn together.


In the appropriate curriculum design, students will discuss with each other, interact and
build friendship, also learn how to use team strength to solve problems. Compared to a
teacher’s one-sided teaching, students learn to resolve challenges together, and this greatly enhances the efficiency of learning.


8. TRAIN the ability understand the three-dimensional sense of space.


The process of controlling a character in game programming is a great way to train space
thinking and understand subjects like physics and algebra.


9. IMPROVE problem-solving skills.


In each program challenge, the child will continue to use the knowledge learned and exercise his or her brain power constantly. Once this habit is built well, the child can solve other problems that could last life long.


10. LEARN to code, code to learn.


Coding (Computer Programming) can be seen as an extension of writing. The ability to code
allows children to “write” new elements – interactive stories, games, animations, and
simulations. And, as with traditional writing, there are powerful reasons for everyone to
learn to code.



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December 24, 2016
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