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    Does typing speed bottleneck programming? Yes, every typo interrupts the thought process not unlike a slow compiler or UI lag. Faster and more accurate typing is like a better REPL — not only does this speed up development, it fundamentally affects the exploration process.   Why can’t I practice typing while programming? While programming, students need to focus on program process and flow, instead of typing. For typing, we optimize for short term speed instead of long term speed, i.e. correcting a typo instead of correcting the underlying muscle memory.   How does Triway Practicing Worksheet helps? Most typing tutors leave symbol keys as an after­thought. We found out even students learnt typing still consequently mistyped keys like left paren, so we prepared the set of worksheet for students who learn programming, especially Python and Java. These practicing worksheets aim to young students who just begin to learn programming or is currently learning programming. Due to their short attention span, these worksheet are designed to be simple, short but proved to be effective.   How to use Practicing Worksheet? When students start typing, ask them to focus without any distraction. Normally they should be able to finish each worksheet in…