Java Learning Environment Setup

Before the your first Java class, you need to set up the Java learning environment at your computer. This include the install Java Programming language and the Eclipse editor.

Java is modern programming language owned by Oracle and Eclipse is a comprehensive coding editor to help programming.

  • Java installation at your Macbook or Windows PC

  1. go to, choose the latest version to download. If it asking to login before download, you can create a new account or you can use:, password: Triway_01 to login to save time. 
  2. After click the JDK Download, at the next page, choose correct version for your computer, if it is Macbook, choose "macOS installer", if it is Windows PC, choose "Windows x64 installer"

  3. After the installer file download it, double click the file to install the Java at your computer.
  4. After installed, you can start a Macbook Terminal or Windown Command window, type java -version to verify the installation. if you can see similar output as below, then the Java successful installed at your computer .

  • Eclipse editor installation at your Macbook or Windows PC

  1. Go to, click the Download button.
  2. At the download list page, please make sure you click "Download Package", it is important, specially for MacBook. if you click "Download 64 Bit", it may not work at Macbook, but Windows PC should be fine if you click "Download 64 Bit"
  3. Choose correct version for your Macbook or Windows PC.
  4. After download the file, double click the file to install it.
  5. After install, you will the Eclipse icon or program, double click to run it. when ask workspace folder or path, you can just accept the default one. the Eclipse is below:

Congratulation, you have set up your Java Learning environment !