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Student Work Examples – Game Maker Level 1

Try games that our students built. So proud of these awesome kids that they build lots of fun!


Click each window to start game! Good Luck!

Note: This is computer game, not for cell phone player

2 Player Spaceship Game by Grade 4 Student


spaceships, asteroids, bullets

How to Play:

There are 2 players trying to destroy all the asteroids without getting hit by the astriod yourself.
1st player uses left/right to rotate, up for forward and down for shooting. 2nd player uses a/d to rotate, w for forward and s for shooting.


Jumping Chicken Game by Grade 5 Student


Player, Wall, Gems

How to Play:

Player starts on the block and jumps on to the next block. Player has to collect gems that are on some blocks. They have to jump on as many blocks as they can before falling down.😎😎🤔😁
Use left/right key to move and up key to jump


Monster Shooting Game by Grade 4 Student


player, wall, arrow, and monster

How to Play:

Player uses all move keys to move. uses space bar to shoot arrow.
player will move in a maze and shoot moving monsters.

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