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2019 Summer Camp Schedule

Student Work Examples – Kids Computer Club

Ms Paint Examples - "So you think you can use Ms Paint?"

Younger kids having short attention spans, emerging literacy skills, and developing motor skills make using computers difficult. Drawing programs, such as Microsoft Paint, can help students improve eye-hand coordination and build on their literacy skills with activities that are short and engaging.

Learning Objective

  • Create artwork with a digital pencil, brush, eraser, paint bucket, colours, shapes, spray
  • Explore design elements: color, line, shape, texture, text
  • Understand polygon, symmetry drawing
  • Produce a geometric design using Copy, Paste, Flip and Rotate functions
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Animation Example - "Your First Animation"

Even the first time computer users can dip their toes into animation world. We make kids animation creation fun and simple.

We encouraged our students to create their own original drawings or ready-made images and backgrounds. Most importantly students understand the concept of frame, which helps them in later stage when developing their own games using other language.
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