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Start Early. Build Strong.
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Unlocking Your Child Potential

Welcome to Triway Education.

An innovative, engaging tuition school, located in Richmond Hill and Mississauga, aims to change the way children learn and unlock their potentials. At Triway Education, our curriculum and environment is designed to be nurturing, stimulating, challenging and at the same time fun and caring. This helps your children develop to the best of their abilities and reach their full potential.

We are driven by our ethos - "Unlocking Potential". Each day, we work hard to ensure our students become confident, well-balanced individuals that demonstrate independent thinking, and become responsible and valuable citizens in the future.      


Start Early. Build Strong.

Our dream is made possible by an excellent education curriculum that complements Ontario curriculum and is delivered by highly skilled professional teachers. This ensures that all children have fun with their learning, along with a sound grounding in the basics of Maths, Computers and Robotics.     


Uniquely Triway


Learning math, computer and robotics together
to promote overall computational thinking


Our low ratios means
every child
get enough personalized attention


Our broad course selection
lets each child to find out
his or her own real interest
and grow according to each child’s individual pace


We provide real business volunteer opportunities


Triway Popular Courses

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Triway Teachers

Triway Education teachers are enthusiastic, dedicated, experienced and engaging IT/engineer professionals.
We commit that all children are encouraged to do their best and achieve the best possible results.






"Triway follows a very logical path, building one skill upon another.

My son enjoys classes every time and built lot of confidence in his school."

- David Kang
"My daughter now loves solving math puzzles and she feels proud of herself.

Thank you Triway."

- Ray
"Thanks to Triway, each lesson is well constructed and communicated from the teachers which is amazing"

- Joanna
What Our Parents Say






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